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Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 4

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Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 4

Abaixo, mais 10 exemplos de verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica em inglês.

Os exemplos foram retirados do COCA e as traduções oferecidas conforme o contexto apresentado.

21) give up"The central government can use the threat of dismissal to persuade local authorities to give up a greater part of their rents to the federal officials." Tradução: abrir mão, renunciar

22) go under(1) "These points suggest that, as Richard Revesz argues, it is important to distinguish two issues that go under the name of 'discounting' and that have yet to be separated in administrative practice: (a) latent harms, in the form of exposures whose consequences will occur late in someone's lifetime; and (b) harms to future generations." Tradução: ser classificado de (2) "The biomedical device legislation, like the small-aircraft legislation, resulted from the perception that a particular industry was about to go under." Tradução: deixar de existir, sofrer prejuízo

23) hand out"The NGOs could not just hand out medicine because the health system had deteriorated too much." Tradução: distribuir

24) keep up with"Too many organizations -- including law practices -- are not keeping up with security needs." Tradução: acompanhar

25) lay off"They announced they were laying off 40,000 people, and it was terrifying." Tradução: demitir

26) let off"It permitted people who were pretty active participants in an accounting fraud to be let off as defendants." Tradução: não ser punido, escapar, isentar de responsabilidade

27) lift up"Even though no one asked us, even when all were quiet, we had to lift up our voice." Tradução: elevar, fazer-se ouvir

28) line up(1) "Business and the States will line up on opposing sides in such conflicts." Tradução: reunir-se (2) "Unlike actions against Big Tobacco, which saw attorneys general lining up to sue, lead paint manufacturers didn't create a product that when used correctly can harm people." Tradução: fazer fila

29) look into"He told them to cash the check and hire him to look into the matter." Tradução: examinar, analisar, investigar

30) look up"All the judge has to do is say yes -- he or she doesn't have to stop to look up a case or take the clerks off a project." Tradução: consultar, procurar


Luciana Carvalho Fonseca

Luciana Carvalho Fonseca, é professora doutora do Departamento de Letras Modernas (DLM) da Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas da Universidade de São Paulo (FFLCH/USP) e da pós-graduação em Tradução (TRADUSP). Fundadora da TradJuris - Law, Language and Culture e autora dos livros "Inglês Jurídico: Tradução e Terminologia" (2014) e "Eu não quero outra cesárea" (2016).

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