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As colocações verbais do termo ´jury´

segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

As colocações verbais do termo 'jury'

Na coluna da semana passada, introduzimos os aspectos culturais das colocações formadas com o termo jury.

Dando prosseguimento ao tema, selecionamos e apresentamos sugestões de tradução para as principais colocações verbais na estrutura verbo + jury:

1. admonish the jury - advertir o júri

 "They also want him to admonish the jury to ignore parts of the defense's opening statement [.]"

2. address the jury - dirigir-se ao júri, falar ao júri

 "Judge Ito will not permit O.J. Simpson to address the jury, as he had requested."

3. appear before a jury - comparecer perante o júri

 "Many are subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury."

4. approach the jury - aproximar-se do júri

 "Slowly, Cook rose from his chair at the defense table to approach the jury. "I have a question for you" he asked the dozen in the box."

5. bias the jury - influenciar o júri

 "His lawyer, Raymond Pijon, argued that pretrial publicity would bias the jury in the case [.]"

6. convince a jury - convencer/persuadir o júri

 "Rose's brother had to convince a jury that Keller was really the shooter."

7. dimiss the jury - dispensar o júri

 "The judge dismissed the jury for a couple of hours while she interpreted the decision [.]"

8. go before a jury - ser levado a júri, ir a júri

 "Perhaps most importantly, the majority of criminal cases never go before a jury. Most criminal charges end in a guilty plea prior to trial [.]"

9. face the jury - olhar para júri

 "Mr. Mclean, would you please stand and face the jury, sir?"

10. influence the jury - influenciar o júri

 "To influence the jury, the defense presents a made-over Valessa for court."

11. inform the jury - informar o júri

 "[.] in an opening statement we inform the jury of what we [.] believe the evidence will show."

12. instruct the jury - instruir/orientar o júri

 "Monday morning, Judge Lake will instruct the jury on how to interpret the securities laws that the defendants allegedly broke."

13. lie before a jury - mentir ao júri, mentir perante o júri

 "[.] a lot of people who have been accused of lying before a grand jury have gone to trial and they have been convicted and they have gone to jail."

14. pick a jury - escolher/selecionar o júri

 "We followed a Miami jury consultant, a hot-shot woman in Miami who was brought in to pick a jury and then come up with a winning defense strategy."

15. persuade a jury - convencer/persuadir o júri

 "Even if an insanity plea ultimately fails, it might persuade a jury to spare Simpson from the death penalty."

16. prejudice the jury - influenciar o júri

 "And to not prejudice the jury, they take the shackles and the handcuffs off, because you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty."

17. select a jury - selecionar o júri

 "They were two weeks into selecting a jury when the prosecutor decided to take a calculated risk."

18. show the jury - demonstrar ao júri

 "Brad Lakin cut a Town Car open to show the jury what happened."

19. sway the jury - fazer o júri mudar de opinião

 "Will her testimony sway the jury?"

20. taint the jury - afetar a imparcialiade do júri

 "The United States Supreme Court would allow that kind of hearing, that kind of pretrial hearing which could threaten to taint the jury, to be held in secret."

21. poll the jury - contar os votos do júri

 "Did they poll the jury, or did just the foreman make the announ."


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