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Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 7

segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 7

Faz algumas semanas que temos explorado o tema phrasal verbs (clique aqui). Ainda que estejamos longe de esgotá-lo, hoje apresentamos os últimos exemplos selecionados entre os muitos verbos frasais empregados na linguagem jurídica em inglês.

Assim como os anteriores, os exemplos abaixo foram retirados do COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English) - salvo quando indicado em contrário - e as traduções oferecidas conforme o contexto apresentado.

51) swear in - "According to Merrill, there really were two Rehnquist courts: The first began in 1986 with Rehnquist's ascension to chief, the second around 1994, with the swearing in of Justice Stephen G. Breyer." Tradução: tomar posse

52) take down - (1) "It may be that the teacher serves more as a scribe, taking down students' ideas so that their thinking fluency is not hindered by their writing fluency." Tradução: anotar, registrar (2) "" Tradução: eliminar (3) "But if red, white and blue were gang colors, then wouldn't the school have to take down all its American flags?" Tradução: arriar [bandeira] (4) "Some of those convicted have clearly been mental cases or simply flaunting jihadist bravado-rattling on about taking down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch, [.]" Tradução: destruir, abater (5) "The website was taken down in March, following cries of blacklisting and threats of lawsuits." Tradução: retirar [do ar] (6) "Once, late one evening on a beach in Malibu, he took down a man who was attacking me with a knife." Tradução: render

53) take in - (1) "Jews in the Holocaust and the phenomena associated with the Holocaust: the failure of Jewish assimilation, centuries of persecution before the Enlightenment, the world's ghastly betrayal of desperate refugees from Nazi Germany seeking countries to take them in." Tradução: acolher (2) "Or next time I'll find something to take you in, you bunch of smart asses." Tradução: prender

54) to do someone in - "The furtive man with the "spurious basso voice" perversely collaborates with the forces out to do him in." Tradução: prender, acabar com alguém

55) turn in - "Hundreds of thousands of guns were confiscated from those owners law-abiding enough to turn them in to authorities." Tradução: entregar, apresentar

56) turn up - (1) "The spot where her bones turned up was approximately 150 yards from the house occupied by Jackson at the time of her disappearance." Tradução: surgir, aparecer (2) "But in this case the methodology itself merits mention, since it turned up a variety of interesting findings about the bureaucratic politics of the making of U.S. policy toward Mexico." Tradução: reveler (3) "The more they turned up the volume of anticommunism, the more uncomfortable the MDF became." Tradução: aumentar [o volume]

57) wash out - "Generally speaking, if you don't think you will be able to perform your obligations under a contract by the due date, and you know this ahead of time, it might be worth washing-out to protect yourself against any further fluctuations in the contract price." Tradução: celebrar um distrato

58) wipe out - "They wanted to wipe out private property, liquidate capitalists and trample the liberal bourgeois order." Tradução: eliminar, extinguir

59) work out - (1) "To do that, lawyers have to work out a plan with information technology departments for their corporate clients." Tradução: elaborar (2) "He wanted to go work out. We wanted a drink." Tradução: exercitar-se (3) "Most of the time, things work out much the same way in real life, too." Tradução: acontecer

60) wrap up - "Under the timetable adopted by the three-judge panel that is hearing the case, discovery is set to wrap up before the end of October." Tradução: encerrar, conlcluir

61) write off - "In 1991, after an audit by Stuart, Maue, the Los Angeles office of Buchalter, Nemer, Fields &; Younger agreed to write off $2.7 million in fees disputed by its largest client, insurer American International Group Inc." Tradução: contabilizar perda, baixar como perda, lançar baixa


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