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por Luciana Carvalho Fonseca

Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 6

segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 6

Abaixo apresentamos outros 10 exemplos de phrasal verbs empregados na linguagem jurídica em inglês.

Os verbos foram selecionados por nós e exemplos extraídos do COCA e as traduções oferecidas conforme o contexto apresentado.

41) put down"Lawyers do move bribes, and it's a lot easier to move a bribe if you are a lawyer or accountant, because you can just put it down as a consulting fee." Tradução: lançar, registrar

42) put up with"This lawyer says she does not know why she has put up with the discrimination she personally has experienced[...]." Tradução: tolerar, aguentar

43) resort to"The fourth and final argument in favor of allowing judges to resort to their own moral beliefs in interpreting the Constitution is that judges do better in their constitutional adjudication if they make committed, first-person, emotion-laden judgments[...]." Tradução: recorrer a, valer-se de

44) rule out"The bill proposed to rule out the possibility of bail being granted to suspects in cases of murder, aggravated robbery, and treason." Tradução: descartar, proibir

45) run out of"Thus, the participating states know the legal consequences of their decisions and when they have run out of time to change their minds." Tradução: ficar sem, expirar [period]

46) serve on"In total, he served on the Court for thirty-three and a half years." Tradução: atuar, trabalhar, servir

47) set out"[T]he text of the Constitution is law that binds each and every one of us until and unless it is changed through the procedures set out in Article V." Tradução: estabelecido, disposto

48) shut down"While the money and the emphasis have been moved here and there, the firm still shuts down work at noon on Christmas Eve, and the executive director dons a Santa suit to hand out gifts to the children of lawyers and staff at a buffet lunch in the office." Tradução: cessar atividades, fechar

49) step up – (1) "[T]he potential alliance made Europeans step up efforts to diversify their gas supplies." Tradução: aumentar, incrementar (2) "Echeverria says more state courts should step up to the plate with that approach." Tradução: adotar (sem medo) (3) "Leahy has stepped up to the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee." Tradução: assumir

50) struggle with"Courts throughout the nation have struggled with layoffs, hiring freezes and cutbacks in services." Tradução: ter dificuldades, enfrentar [obstáculos]


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