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Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 5

segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Verbos frasais na linguagem jurídica - Parte 5

Dando continuidade ao tema, mais 10 exemplos dos muitos verbos frasais empregados na linguagem jurídica em inglês.

Os exemplos foram retirados do COCA e as traduções oferecidas conforme o contexto apresentado.

31) look up to - "After several well-received trips to various countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, he claimed that the Third World is presently looking up to Iran as a 'role model'." Tradução: espelhar-se, admirar

32) loosen up - "Many years earlier, Nelson had persuaded Jamail to loosen up the night before closing arguments in the landmark Pennzoil v. Texaco lawsuit with a night of drinking." Tradução: relaxar

33) make out - "You have to be sure that what you have in terms of evidence, witnesses and exhibits is actually going to make out the case you've claimed." Tradução: estabelecer

34) make up - (1) "Moreover, the various strands of analysis that make up the Court's independent judgment are interdependent." Tradução: compor, constituir (2) "Congress could not and did not make up its mind." Tradução: decidir-se (3) "The free circulation of information can help make up for the deficits of even weak institutions." Tradução: compensar

35) object to - "In addition, during the examination of a witness, the trial counsel may object to any line of questioning or motion to admit evidence that would require the disclosure of classified information." Tradução: opor-se

36) phase in - "Under the amendment, the shift of costs to the state was supposed to phase in over six years." Tradução: ser implementado

37) phase out - "The Federal Government will not focus primarily on phasing out nuclear energy but rather on starting to develop a future-oriented energy supply." Tradução: deixar de utilizar

38) pull together - "Kids in child welfare who get in trouble need advocates to pull together the agencies responsible for providing services in a holistic way." Tradução: organizar, reunir

39) pull through - "While I think Germany will pull through this, it's more expensive than they ever thought it was going to be." Tradução: sobreviver, passar por

40) pull up - (1) "Document management software provides an excellent tool for not only indexing the text of your documents, but also for categorizing those documents. That way, you quickly can pull up all commercial lease agreements or all briefs in support of motions for sanctions." Tradução: extrair, localizar (2) "At that point, the deputy who had called him earlier pulled up, handcuffed him and told him he was being taken in for questioning." Tradução: ir em direção [a alguém/algo com rapidez]


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