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As áreas do direito e sua tradução para o inglês - Parte I

segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

Atualizado em 29 de maio de 2009 11:24

As áreas do direito e sua tradução para o inglês - Parte I

O termo direito possui diversas traduções em inglês, entre as quais: law, right, entitlement, freedom. Entretanto, para designarmos as áreas do direito, a tradução, em regra, será law. Consequentemente, o termo que deverá merecer mais atenção será aquele que representa a referida área. Em alguns casos, o qualificador é uma palavra cognata, em outros, o cognato existe, porém nem sempre é usado, ou - em casos mais delicados - é completamente falso.

Abaixo apresentamos diversas áreas do direito com suas respectivas traduções e abonações para fins de contexto1.

direito administrativo

  • administrative law

§ The details of the availability, scope and grounds for such orders need not detain us here because they form part of substantive administrative law.

direito agrário

  • agricultural law

§ In addition, the department has responsibility for Commercial Law [.] Agricultural Law, Criminal Law, and Evidence.

direito ambiental

  • environmental law

§ The government is sponsoring a new environmental law and it is hoped to make smuggling animals a criminal, rather than a civil offence.

direito bancário

  • banking law

§ The banking law perspective, although narrower in scope, is likely to reveal what lies ahead for the ocean bill of lading.

direito civil

  • civil law

§ Broadly, civil law refers to the resolving of disputes between individuals, and the breaking of civil law results in less severe penalties, often the paying of compensation or damages.

direito comercial

  • commercial law

§ British commercial law is amongst the most expensive in the world.

direito comercial internacional

  • international trade law

§ In response to these concerns, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) undertook a revision of Hague-Visby.

direito concorrencial

  • competition law

§ By contrast, competition law in the USA and the EC is ostensibly more focused on competition and economic efficiency.

direito constituicional

  • constitutional law

§ Conventions, an important source of constitutional law can be extremely flexible, reflecting changes in the political situation as and when they occur.

direito contratual

  • contract law

§ The latter are intended to offer a set of principles providing the best solutions to typical problems in contract law.

  • law of contract

§ Judges consistently use the law of contract against trade unions.

direito criminal

  • criminal law

§ English criminal law has two degrees of homicide, murder and manslaughter.

  • penal law (muito menos usado)

§ To complicate matters further, substantial changes in criminal and penal law were made by the Criminal Justice Act, 1967.

direito da propriedade intelectual

  • intellectual property law

§ You might also wish to pursue, or hope that someone else had pursued, the new Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law.

direito das gentes - ver direito internacional público

direito das obrigações

  • law of obligations

§ Using these frames of reference, lawyers advocate particular legal doctrines and mould the fundamental principles of the law of obligations.

direito das sucessões

  • law of probate and succession

§ The Law of Probate and Succession. This part of law deals with wills, probate and administration.2


1Todos os exemplos, salvo quando indicado, foram retirados do British National Corpus disponível em

2Fonte: Kouladis, Nicholas. Principles of Law Relating to International Trade. Springer, 2006